So it was almost two months ago, but it’s still incredibly fresh in my mind. Our production of “A Year in the Life” was a momentous occasion, not least because it was the culmination of quite literally a year in our lives! It was mostly choreographed in my modestly sized front room between the ours of 7pm – 11pm with the music turned down low to avoid waking small children who already knew each song like the back of their hands. Then came the hours of weekly rehearsals where my brilliant students took on mountains of information in a relatively short space of time, before we set up camp at the Amey Theatre. As I said on the first Dress Rehearsal: “How lucky are we?!” A theatre that seats over 400, a brand new lighting rig, fabulous costumes and a pumping sound system…..all to ourselves!!! A truly brilliant and unforgettable week and the money raised for the charity made for an extra special and meaningful experience….

ROSY Secretary, George Hedges:-

“ROSY is a local Oxfordshire Charity that supports families who nurse terminally ill or chronically sick children in the home . You can imagine how delighted we were then to be invited to become the charity to benefit from the proceeds of “A Year in the Life” by Marsh Tompsett School of Dance. The show played to packed audiences. It was a tremendous occasion. We have been  presented with cheques for over £2,100. Fantastic. We will put some of the money raised to the purchase of another much needed SATS monitor (a device which monitors a child overnight and sets off an alarm if there is a problem) as a lasting reminder of the what the dance school did for us. It is comforting to know that young people and their parents can think  of those less fortunate than themselves. Not only is the money vital to our work, but the fact that you care is a great inspiration to our parents. Thank you.”

There are so many great moments to relive on the show DVD, but for this blog, I have chosen the number that saw 50 teenagers sharing a stage, looking really slick, really vibrant and really happy.


Selina xxx



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