What MTSD means to me from a student perspective

I have been dancing since I was three years old. This was when it was Judy Tompsett’s school of dance and later on changed to Marsh Tompsett school of dance. I clearly remember my first show, it was Aladdin and I was a butterfly. It was my very first time ever performing on a stage in front of a large crowd, but somehow at that age stage fright doesn’t seem to hit you (I know that because I was talking on stage…!) MTSD has become part of my normal routine and it’s also my main source of  exercise. I feel as if dancing is different from running or sports, you use your body in different ways, you move rhythmically and it feels good when you can perform an exercise or piece without mistakes. MTSD has also given me a lot of friendships and being surrounded by confident young people is very empowering. It’s a very friendly community, and something that I am very grateful to be part of.

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