Dancing Examinations


Bi-annually, MTSD holds an examination session at St Edmund’s school, where students are examined on the syllabi devised by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) by a visiting examiner. This is a very rewarding experience that furthers the skills of the students and allows them to progress through the grades with the hopes of achieving a high level.

Exams are certainly not compulsory and while some students thrive on the experience, others prefer to enjoy working on the syllabus without the added pressure of the exam itself. It can be the case that not all students are invited to take an exam. This is done with the best of intentions and on the understanding that not all children are suited to what a dance exam entails. Regardless, a student will always remain with their peer group and move up to the next level in order to progress and work on new exercises. I am always happy to discuss all things exam related with both parents and students.



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